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Years 3 & 4

Year 3 Activities

The Year Three's have been busy planning and constructing a Marble Race. Their challenge was to create a marble ramp that would enable their marble to travel the farthest. This activity was extended to see how fast their marble would dismount the ramp and come to a complete stop. The Year Three's used their knowledge of measurement in Mathematics in order to complete the aspects of the task. They gathered their results and recorded them on a table which they constructed on their iPads, from here they graphed and interpreted their results. They were all happy with the effectiveness of their designs, but each group noted amendments that they would do if they were to do the activity again.

Year 4 Activities

In Year 4 we have been working hard making dioramas based on a book we have read. We started them in Book Week and will have them finished for our Learning Journey night to show our families. It takes a lot of planning and creativity to make a diorama.

We all dressed up as our favourite book character for our Book Week parade. Can you guess who each of us is? Mrs Jameson dressed up as a character from on eof Paul Jennings'books - Singenpoo.