Catholic Primary School

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Develop an inclusive educational environment
Encourage life-long learning
Reflect Gospel values
Making Jesus Real

Years 1 & 2

Class Activities

Mass Investigations

In Year 1/2 we have teamed with the Pre-Primaries to investigate Mass. We are investigating what balances, what objects are lighter and which objects are heavier? We are using a range of materials like balancing scales and measuring scales to help us with our estimating and measuring. We have even been creating our OWN scales to investigate the mass of various objects and items. I wonder which is heavier - a bucket of sand or a bucket of water? Why not try this at home?

Children investigating Mass

Dramatic Play

In Year 1/2 we brainstormed what we would like our Dramatic Play to be for this term. We voted on creating a Police Station. We had to think what things we would need in our police station. We put on our creative hats and created some wonderful items for our dramatic play. Using box gluing and box construction we created a police car, walkie talkies, tasers and lots more! We even created our own jail. We enjoy playing in our police station and questioning our suspects.

Children playing police